Nov 23 2015

Extravaganza Sale! Don’t miss out!!

November 23-30, save up to 50 percent on select products during our week-long Online Extravaganza! To make it even better, there will be flash sales that last 24 hours on November 23 and November 30, the first and last days of Online Extravaganza. But remember: Online Extravaganza savings are only available while supplies last, so get them while you can!

Online shopping has never been so easy! click HERE Now so you don't miss this amazing sale.  The first 24 hrs features a great deal on designer series paper and two of our Punch Boards.  Also, if you are into the paper pumpkin kits just like me, there is a paper pumpkin kit at 50% off. Check out the list HERE and don't miss out, while supplies last.

This weekend we celebrated with our family Lauren's 14th  birthday.  I wanted a theme that was unique, elegant, simple but yet beautiful just like Lauren.  I picked white and snowflakes.  "Friends are like snowflakes, different but beautiful."  I love her so much.

While the rest of them are all sleeping.  I'm working in my studio.  I know I will regret it in the morning since I have to wake up super early.  But, I can't sleep.  I have a pretty clean diet and just that small piece of cake got me wired…. So why not blog??

I also wanted to share my mini pizza boxes that my guests received at my First Christmas card class.  It contained some goodies inside.  You might want to take this opportunity to check out the retired list HERE.  The holiday catalogue is retiring January 4th.  So many products will not make it to the next catalogue.  You definitely don't want to miss out.

Some of the products featured here will not be offered in the future.

I'm loving the designer paper.  It adds details to the project.  That is why you don't want to miss out on the Flash sale On Monday!

Housekeeping:  I will be hosting another Christmas card class on December 3rd,  Reserve your spot! Don't miss out on my sneak peak coming soon!!

Shop HERE for the products to create a version of this project.  See the list of products below.


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Nov 16 2015

First On stage event

Hope you had a great weekend? Mine was fabulous.  I attended Stampin up! first on stage event.  It was a global event.  I attended the Mississauga Ontario event.  Although I missed a lot of friends who attended the others  across the world, l love that I got to see their posts in the cyber world, like facebook and instagram.  I love meeting all the familiar faces at the Mississauga on stage, friends that I had not seen in a long time… We had such an amazing time.  Got to stamp, see the new occasion catalogue,  swapped cards, got lots of new goodies.  And oh ya I won the best prize patrol, vintage style:)))

It was a fabulous event. I love goofing around.  And the starbucks helped the craziness…

Meet my friend Tammy!  She is new to my team.  So excited that she is starting this journey with me.  My new cupcake cutie demonstrator:)   If you would like to be part of my team click HERE and check out all the perks of being a demonstrator.  There are different reasons you might want to consider this great opportunity.  Next in the middle is Kay…. She is from the east coast.  Always brave to travel all this way…

Ahhh the Statement of the Heart and the primary reason I do this… "To love what we do and share what we love as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments… In this we make a difference."  My daughter Megan cannot wait to become a demonstrator.  She is better than her mama at  stamping, so patient and organized.  I can't wait to attend Stampin up events with her..

I made 50 swap cards.  Love to get new ideas.  I guess I created one that required lots and lots of steps.  As we were driving up to Mississauga,  my Mc Steamy Honey and I, he said to me:  "you got to be pretty patient to do this…"  This is  all new to him.  I love him dearly for all his support and for keeping me company at night in the big city of Toronto.  He had to go work in Niagara Falls for the week so I didn't pass the opportunity to snuggle an extra 2 nights before he was away.  I guess I'm a little lost when he is not around.  We have this super routine and when he's not around, I just cannot function…  But he has found lots of creative ways to make me feel special when he is away.  I cannot really say how cause I think C J would be embarrassed that I share here but he's pretty special.

I love the washi label punch.  A big hug to my daughter Megan who punched all 50 and stamped the images as well.

And here you go, 50 cards later.  Let me tell you there were dimensionals paper in the car and in the hotel room, everywhere…  If you cannot attend my card class on November 19th, please email me and I will fill you in on my class to go opportunity, stamps in the mail.

The color combo and modified version came from Sara, Shelli' daughter.  She posted a similar one on  Check her version too, it's adorable.

There are 3 ways for getting a hand stamped card from me this month:  1- if you placed an order directly with me or on my website.  2-  if you are in my team of demonstrator and have achieved great sales, recruiting or hosted an event.  3-  if you are attended the on stage event organized by Stampin'up!  I'll have a swap card for you!!

Housekeeping:  I will be hosting a Christmas card class on November 19th,  Reserve your spot!

Shop HERE for the products to create a version of this project.  See the list of products below.

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Nov 08 2015

Winter Wishes

Happy November!  I'm so excited, holiday season is almost here…. Actually, I have been super busy with the flu clinics and we nurses have to rearrange our schedules at work to accommodate the community.  I'm so excited that the weekend is here.  Weather is awesome in Canada.  Perfect day to put on the Christmas lights and to stamp holiday cards.  I guess i'm a little spoiled.  I get to stamp while my better half is putting on the Christmas lights. After this post, I will go and help out and do my fair share:) 

Have you received your holiday catalogue from me? if not email me.  I was so excited when I saw on p. 13 the winter wishes stamp set.  I love it cause it's vintage and because there is a skate.  My daughter Megan has been a figure skater since she is 4 years old.  Therefore 11 years of skating pictures that I will be able to scrapbook and preserve those special memories.  Here are a couple of samples made with the winter wishes stamp set.

I'm also digging the snowflake elements.  These wooden elements come 8 each of 3 designs.  For my cards, I decided to layer two one on top of the other.  If you are wondering where I got the music note designer paper? It's from the Home for Christmas designer series paper.  Love love love the look.  The possibilities are endless. 

There are 3 ways for getting a hand stamped card from me this month:  1- if you placed an order directly with me or on my website.  2-  if you are in my team of demonstrator and have achieved great sales, recruiting or hosted an event.  3-  if you are attended the on stage event organized by Stampin'up!  I'll have a swap card for you!!

Housekeeping:  I will be hosting a Christmas card class on November 19th,  Reserve your spot!

Shop HERE for the products to create a version of this project.  See the list of products below.


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Enjoy your weekend, Hugs xox

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Oct 21 2015

It’s all about balance

Are you excited about the mini catalogue?  In this house we sure are!!! My daughters and I decided to play with the Oh what fun Tag project kit #139602.  I have never created 30 tags so quickly.  Of course their help was amazing.  If you don't like to create new projects but would love to make adorable tags, this kit is right for you.  It comes with instructions. It is pre cut and just needs a little stamping.  After we finished creating them all, we still had leftover bedazzles.  I love them all.  I really can't pick my favorite. 

The before shot!!!

I'm all about balance.  Making sure to take care of myself. Making sure that my daughters are on the right path, guiding them to make good choices.  There is a lot of chatting going on in this house, sometimes intense chats and we do have tears from time to time but we stick together and help each other out.   Last friday, I had to work late and we had "a situation".  I love that I can count on Chris to guide me on the right path.  He gave me the best advise.  He sent me a message and it said:  "I will put it this way for you……you are her mother, not her friend. Your job is to protect her, not to be her buddy.  Throughout her life, you will make difficult and unpopular decisions but later when she grows up to be successful in all aspects of her life, she will love you even that much more for your tough decisions."  When I got that message, my shoulders came down from touching my ears.  I wanted to hug him over the phone.  If there is somebody out there reading this that is separated, you will understand me.  How tough to parent a child that you have not seen for a week.  It's their first day back and you have to tell them how it is and they might not like it….  It is not always rosie….  On a side note, we are back on track and this project was a great way to sit around the table and watch a combo of dancing with the stars and the voice and chat.  I might not post daily.  But feel that balance is the key for me right now and probably forever.  Juggling working out of town, the girls, my health and having a healthy relationship with my honey, matters a great deal to me.  He is definitely a KEEPER!! and a very smart man:)))

Last night, I stamped and created with one of my downlines.  We worked on different projects, shared tips and talked about future projects.  I love that stamping can bring so much joy.  It's a pretty much amazing social gathering.  The friends, support and also learning about myself plays a good part with my stamping.  I can't wait to show you what  I came up with… Enough said….

The after shot!!! of course I only put a couple on the wall.  30 tags would be a lot to place on the wall.

We got to make 3 of each tags listed below. My daughters made an excellent job at stamping and assembling.  Especially megan for adding the finishing touches…

I think this one above is my favorite.

I truly love the snowflake above as well.  I'm thinking of saving one to use on another project.  I am so excited that have a bunch of tags made for Christmas already.  I will create a couple tags from scratch that I like to personalize for specific people but these are a great start to the holidays…

My daughter Megan hung them all on one of my vintage Christmas tree.  Here is part of the tree lol.

You won't want to miss out on my next post.  I wanted to squeal after creating my next project.  It's a project that I have created from scratch, Kim style:)

Housekeeping announcement:

Yes, you read that right! For any stamps* you purchase October 19-23, you’ll save 15 percent off the retail value. It’s really that simple, and it’s really that exciting, so don’t miss out on this limited-time sale!

Shop HERE for the products to create a version of this project.  See the list of products below.

Enjoy your evening, Hugs xox

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Oct 12 2015

Happy Thanksgiving !!

I hope you are enjoying this perfect long weekend weather.  It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.  Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians.  I am so grateful for so many things.  We had a perfect family weekend.  Lots of laughs….   I'll have to share a couple of pictures with you.  My girls are the best.  As they get older,  I think we are getting closer.  I surely hope it remains this way… We have had a busy weekend soaking in this gorgeous weather.  Fall is my favorite season. 

This is certainly a scrapbooking pic.   I have so many that it will have to be used for my project life album.

Although my focus is not on Fall today, You can still take in some tips and techniques from my holiday card. 

Tip of the Day:

If you fold  in and out the doilie with your stampin' trimmer with the scoring blade,  it will create an edge to it making it pop out and adding a vintage look to your card.

The home for Christmas Enamel Dots #140536 are pretty cute too! 

I love that Stampin up! has different greetings that you can create with your bigshot.  The thinlits are so fun and easy to use with the magnetic platform.  For this card I used the word "Merry" from the Christmas Greetings Thinlits Dies #139659.  These are also available for my french stampers!!:)) 
The current catalogue and Holiday Catalogue have a couple of options for wording and greetings.  It adds a nice touch to your projects. Check out these cute thinlits for different options:  Greetings Thinlits #138275, Hello You Thinlits #137363

I also wanted to thank the stampers that have ordered the paper pumpkin kits before October 10th. You will receive your next paper pumpkin in a pink box and a little something from me in the mail.  Thank you for donating to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Shop HERE for the products to create a version of this project.  See the list of products below.

Enjoy your evening, Hugs xox


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Oct 02 2015

Giving for a good cause

To show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Paper Pumpkin is going PINK…  or at least the October boxes are!!!  Stampin'Up! will donate $1 for every active Paper Pumpkin Subscriber + An additional $1 for every new subscriber to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

What is paper pumpkin?  It's a fully designed project kit that arrives in a delightful box (PINK for October if you sign up before October 10th) filled with stamps, ink, paper and all the accessories you need to complete your projects.  Everything ready to go….It's the perfect gift for family and friends.  It is also the perfect start if you are a beginner or if you don't have a lot of supplies at home.  It is also a great kit for the expert stampers because you can tweak it to your taste. 

Here is a sample of the August kit, Chalk it Up to Love.  This is my simple version.  I copied the project exactly like the instructions that came with the content. So it's simple and easy and you learn new techniques along the way.  This kit came with all the supplies, stamp set and ink to make 3 boxes, 6 cards and 6 envelopes.  I keep all the projects made in a box and when I have an event and need a quick card for weddings, birthdays etc. I go directly in that box.  Also, when the projects are 3D, I will give these as hostess gifts and incorporate a treat.

The kits come all wrapped up.  It's a surprise to get your new kit every month.  You never know what is coming…. If you are a pinterest lover, there is a special spot for all the paper pumpkin kits and you get to view different projects.  Check it out HERE.

Wouldn't these boxes make a great hostess gift? When the boxes contain 3 D projects, I love to  give them to friends, teachers or even use them as pillow gift for family and friends that are coming for sleepovers.  It's also a great hostess gift to give to friends when invited for dinner.  I would add chocolate to mine.  As for all the cards, I placed them in a box.   When the girls need a birthday card for their parties or if I need a sympathy card or a wedding card and I'm in a rush, I just pick one out of the box.   The bonus is you get to keep the inks and stamp sets to make many more projects…

Here's a picture from Jordan, sewing on her card for her friend's birthday party.  She made the card on her own from one of the kits. It's from the March kit 2015 SEW YOU. A great way for her to learn how to sew.

Then mama stepped in and tweaked the kit to make it a wowser for the birthday girl…


So you can see how fun these kits are for new, beginners to expert stampers..

There are two simple ways to subscribe: 

PAY AS YOU GO  Just sign up once for $24.95 a month (shipping included) and a new kit is delivered to your door each month.


PREPAID SUBSCRIPTION  A great way to get a subscription yourself, or give one to a friend! Pay in advance and save money (shipping included)

1 month #137858 $24.95

3 month #137859 $74.85

6 month #137860 $143.70 (save $1 per month)

12 month #137861 $275.40 (save $2 per month) Bonus you can get hostess benefits, ask me how?

Please give it a try, if you sign up before October 10th you are giving to a good cause.  So many woman are affected by breast cancer.  I am surrounded by them.  I have a team mate in my downline, a nurse coworker who is 30 years old battling her second round.  You can read up about her situation HERE.  I have 3 daughters and want to make sure they grow old and stay healthy…Together, we will make a difference!

If you would like to raise money for a great cause, Email me!

Enjoy your day, Hugs xo

Sign up directly on my LINK or to the paper pumpkin link and add KIM ASSALY as your demonstrator.

Supply List

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Oct 01 2015

Lots of layers

I have had this card laying in my studio for a while.  Trying to make it work.  It's like my new house, my home.  When you buy a house that you haven't built, you need to adapt and make it yours.  I think, I have successfully accomplished my goal with my card and my home.  Jordan always refers to our house as "fancy"! lol.  She always say:  "it might not be big mom but it's fancy!"  Actually, the week that I don't have the girls, I find it very big… But, I'm starting to get use to that after 2 years in the new house.  We also have a surprise addition to the house.  He's called Badger.  Badger was Chris's  K9 dog.  He retired from the force after being a K9 dog x 12 years.  Yes, he is 84 years old in human years.  The sad part about a working dog is if the trainer or previous trainer doesn't take him in, he would be euthanized.  To Chris, Badger was his long time partner and he could not do that.  Especially that Badger has saved his life a couple of times.  I love hearing all the stories… Therefore, I agreed to take him in.  In the beginning, I was petrified hearing all the stories from our friends.  Especially, that when we got him, initially it was only Badger and I at the house.  Let me tell you, that first week, I gave him so many treats to make sure he associated the treats as a reward and not me as the treat/reward!!!  We are now great friends.   I have taken many pictures and plan on scrapbooking them for Chris.  He is an important part of Chris's life. 

My card has a monochromatic theme going just like my house.  In my home,  there are dark floors, light walls with a hint of baja breeze.  Do you remember that Stampin'up! color? It was my ultimate favorite, back in the day.   I compare it to a sweet combo of pool party and soft sky:) I wanted to maintain the monochromatic theme in the house so everything would blend.  For this card it was all about white,gold, layers and shining bright like a diamond…

You can see the layers from this side view.  I love using dimensionals #104430 to create the layers.  I've used the dimensionals on behind the trees and wording banner.

Then came glitter and gold embossing.  I've embossed the tea lace paper doilie #129399 with iridescent ice embossing powder #101930.  Embossed one of the stamps from the peaceful pines stamp set #139728 with gold embossing powder #109129 and you will noticed that I added snowed texture to one of my trees, it's dazzling details #124117.  I love glitter! There is a great bundle that is included in the holiday catalogue:  the perfect Pines framelits dies with the peaceful pines stamp set.  You save 15% when you get the bundle #140850.

I could not resist adding a Reindeer paper clip #139643.  There are 10 in a package.  Wouldn't these look cute with Christmas pictures.  I need to work on that:)

The background was created with  the winter wonderland specialty designer series paper #139588.  It is a rich combo of whisper white, gold and basic black.  When you view the entire series, you will find it very classy:) I also added layers of the winter wonderland designer washi tape #139609, at the bottom of the card.  The all is calm, all is bright quote comes from the stamp set Wonderland #140365. It matches the paper collection of course.   And if you look at one of the first pictures, you will see that I added white 3/8" glitter ribbon since I'm all about glitter. This ribbon comes in a package of 5 yards each of gold and white ribbon. #139614.  Last but not least, I added pearls #119247.  A rule of thumb when decorating a home, you always decorate in odd numbers.  That is why my card has 3 trees and 3 pearls and 1 reindeer:)

I hope you liked my project today.  If you would like to get together with your friends and create your holiday cards, email me asap! I have a couple of spots. 

Follow me on instagram:  simply_kim3k

See a list of the products used below and order HERE

Price: $136.00

Supply List

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Sep 26 2015

My Aha! moment:)

I took out a couple of Halloween decorations out since I was so excited playing with all my Halloween goodies from the Holiday catalogue.  Then, I reconsidered…. Chris's birthday is coming very soon, actually it's on Thanksgiving this year.  I just can't take out the Halloween stuff before his birthday… It just doesn't feel right…I'm still not sure how I am going to post about him.  Some of you know how I love to scrapbook and I would sure like to incorporate him in my pages.  How can I describe Chris to you?   On social media, Chris is  like Tim the toolman Taylor's neighbor, Wilson W. Wilson Jr.  You never get to see his face on the show.  Well that is pretty much my social media life with Chris.  Ya! he's a private guy but the main reason involves his career.  With some careers social media is not a great thing… He also has my best interest at heart… Therefore, You will not get to see very much of my guy:)  Here's a little sneak peak… I do plan on putting him in my project life albums, you might not see all his body parts on my blog lol  I can count on one hand the number of years he has until retirement…. After that, it will be a different story.  He does have some serious man candy going, so I'm very sorry that I can't share:))))  It will be a very thick album since we are compatible in so many ways and already have a great deal of adventures that need to be preserved in albums:)

He didn't know it was him in the picture when I showed him.  Maybe cause he didn't have any gel in his hair.. So I don't think it's a big deal that I share here.  Plus it's the perfect "Wilson" picture.  I'm still struggling with the nick name I will call him while blogging.  If you have any ideas please share…

Back to stamping.  I created a couple of 3D treat holders.  My focus was Halloween but you can make these goodies with a completely different theme.  The more I play with my Stampin'up! products, the more I get creative.  Albert Einstein once said:  "Creativity is intelligence having fun."  I'm having a great time and struggling with Influenza so I haven't slept much this week. I had all the time in the world to think of creative projects.   A couple of days ago, I had a aha moment. not sure if the designer at Stampin'up! planned this out but the spider web dollies on p. 47 from the Holiday catalogue fits perfectly with the square pillow box thinlits dies p. 41. Isn't this awesome? I think so!

See my images below:  I cut the spider web dollies in half and it fit perfectly on the top of the square pillow box.  I also used a clear window sheet to make all my pillow boxes.  My goal was to show off the goodies in the boxes but you can use regular card stock to make them.  Different options are in the holiday catalogue on p. 41. I also love how Stampin up! created bundle deals, the pillow die has a great bundle deal.  You get 15% off when you purchase the square pillow box thinlits dies with the stamp set called a little something on p 41. I received a couple of requests for the paper copy of the catalogue. If you are in canada and want a paper copy email me HERE.

I decided to post the boxes individually so you get a better look at these.  I can't pick which one is my favorite?

Love Love Love the Happy Haunting designer series paper #139584. Especially this side of the designer paper which reminds me of burberry.

I had to do a custom pillow box for Jordan… I added chocolate in her box and her picture as well.

These make perfect Halloween treats.  And the decoration adds a touch of love to share with your family, coworkers and friends. I'm thinking of adding a basket of these at my desk at work. 

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend.  I'm off to bake pumpkin spice cookies for my gang!

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Sep 25 2015

If The Broom Fits, Ride It…

I am truly blessed to have received emails, texts, posts about my return.  I've been questioning myself for a while now as to where I wanted to go with my stamping?  So many things have changed in the last 4 years.  I've learned my lesson: no matter how hard things are regardless of the situation, we should not give up on our dreams, on the things we love, no matter what the circumstances might be.  I guess it's easier to say this now as I'm not on " survival mode". I loved hearing your stories and how some of you were able to bounce right back into things.  I loved seeing the friends that I have made through out the years with the best paper crafting paper company, Stampin'up! I loved attending convention and meeting people like Catherine.  She said to me, "you should get back into it, I've sold so many products because of your ideas and creations, you have a unique style of stamping."  To me this meant a lot and Catherine, those few words at Convention really made me think things through.    We create and post on our personal blogs, facebook business page, instagram…. And sometimes, I've questioned myself, is someone reading my posts lol… Chris got home after yesterday's creation and he said to me:  "your creations are even better in person than the pic you sent me, you're pretty talented"  See, he doesn't know this side of me yet…:) He doesn't know what I mean when I talk about passion of the demonstrator friends that I have made over the years, the clients, the downline, the incentive trips and how spoil and appreciated we are and best of all, the staff at Stampin'up! I am going to push hard at finding myself in the creative world.  There are a few hiccups but I'm going to get through them..  I guess I'm doing well cause I stamped again!!!

There is something about this set that makes me want to squeal!!! I just think there are so many possibilities.  And the best part is: it doesn't need to be a Halloween Project! I love monochromatic themes.  Layering a card creates dimension, texture. I also think that decorating my envelop with the matching designer paper makes the recipient feel special.  Nothing like a hand stamped card. Most of the items are from the Holiday Catalogue.  Even the Halloween Haunting designer paper series from page 47.  It's Halloween paper but since it's double sided, the genius who created it made it one side Halloweenish and the other not so much. So we can use the designer paper all year long. 


Instead of inking If the broom fits stamp set, I embossed it with the black embossing powder. I love how it creates that dept in the card.

The little star was made with the boo to you framelits dies. It's so cute.  Check item list below.

I also thought it would be a great idea that you see an updated picture of the girls since it has been 4 years…  This picture was taken on the first day of school.  Megan is in grade 10, Lauren grade 9 and Jordan grade 5.  I have 2 girls in High school already!!! I love them dearly and can't wait for them to come home tonight.  My week is starting today:) The joys of shared custody…

Enjoy your weekend.  I already have something posted for tomorrow.  If you would like to see cute packages, you might want to stop by on my blog… You can also follow me on instagram @simply_kim3k. 

SHOP HERE for these amazing products.


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Sep 23 2015

Where do I begin…

All I have to say is that it's been a while…. Where do I begin….. When we have tough moments, we tend to let go of certain things, even if those things matter a lot to us.  I need to apologize to my blog readers.  I am so very sorry for leaving you behind. My life had been so unstable since the separation with my husband in 2012 that I needed to focus on the not so fun stuff… Although it took what seem forever to settle things, we have always been good parents.  Do we disagree on certain things?  Absolutely, more than ever!!!  The important part to me, is that our girls are ok. They did not choose to have separated parents and  we need to make it work as much as possible. The girls will be my priority forever.  As a mom, it was my job to insure they were ok throughout the process.  There is always two side to every story, let me just say mine has been a rough one.  I  lost my hair, cried my heart out, couldn't sleep etc…  I have moved from my matrimonial home which had my studio in a 1200 square foot walk out basement.  Let me tell you, in 6 years, I had accumulated lots of stamping supplies and it was no fun to pack all  of my stuff from a 6000 square foot home.  I only had every second week to pack because we shared the house for a long long while and we, the parents would  leave every week.  Our girls always stayed home…   When moving day got there, all I can say was it's about friggin' time.  I left my house key on the kitchen counter and never looked back.   On a positive note, the girls got to keep the house with their dad.  So at least they get to stay in the house they grew up in.  And they come to stay with me in my new home every second week.  It might not be a mansion but I have made it "home".  "Love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate. Where you eat and sleep so close together, you can't help but communicate. If we had more room between us, think of all we'd miss.  Love grows best in houses just like MINE!!!"  That is what it feels like, HOME!!!  Ironically, I feel more like home in the new house then in my old waterfront home.  I go back there for the girls from time to time and it doesn't even bother me.   It never felt right… 

Let's fast speed to the rest.  I returned to work full time so I can provide for myself and the girls.  I commute to work 1.5 hrs back and forth daily.  So now you can see, I briefly resumed a couple of stressors…  I didn't even share the juicy stuff….  I could write 3 novels to share the ups and downs of these past 4 years.   It's been a heck of a roller coaster…..I'm surprised I haven't gone cray cray…. Major stressors can affect you pretty hard ( separation, moving, new job)…

If I am writing to you today, it's because things are a lot better now.  For the first time in a very long time, I stamped. My girls and my hunk of a guy have been encouraging me to get back in the studio.  I was scared that I had lost my mojo!!! Today, I would like to dedicate my projects to Chris and my lovely daughters.  Thank you for pushing me back into this. I miss my stamping friends dearly and I hope I can reconnect by blogging.

I created projects from the new 2015-2016 Holiday Catalogue… On p. 7 , item #140969. I love and adore the  witching decor project kit. I used the kit to create not only the witch hat but I had enough products to make a page and a card.  And I still had leftovers:)  So I hope you like my projects and still feel I have my mojo.  All  I can say is I'm back;)

If you want a Witches Hat Kit, you better buy it NOW.  The inventory is LOW and Stampin'Up!  will not be replenishing the inventory once it's gone. I'm excited to be hosting a class in the first weeks of October.  Seats are limited.  Therefore, reserve your spots.  This is a perfect decoration piece for the home or if you are a teacher, at school. The kids will adore.  It's one of my favorite projects:)  I love that we get to create extra projects with the left over pieces.  Order on my site item number #140969. click HERE to order.


Buy Now Before it’s GONE!




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